Pietroberto Moulder 4 Cylinder

Manufacturer: Pietroberto
Model: Moulder 4 Cylinder
Type: Dough Moulder
Price on request

Dough Moulder EMME 4 C Moulders

New design to offer innovative construction solutions such as the working width of 550 mm, scrapers on top and lower cylinders, automatic tension of the lower belt, anti-reject device with progressive pressure.
Versatile and easy-to-use machine, equipped with four rolling cylinders, which allow the moulding of different multi-sized types of dough without mistreatment. The piece of dough is therefore finely pressed and well rolled up. This machine is particularly suitable for uniform dough.
The moulders can be supplied, upon request, with an outfeed belt with fixed or motorized moulding plate for the production of long loaves and French bread.