Manufacturer: GIOTEC
Model: GIO 4C
Type: Dough Moulder
Price on request

Dough Moulder GIÒ 4C

The 4 cylinder moulding machine GIO 4C with a standard width of 550mm (optional 750 mm), is a versatile and robust machine.
Its structure is completelymade of stainless steel and all themoving parts aremounted on ball bearings whichmake the GIO4C a solid and silent machine.
Gio 4C is also versatile as it can roll up 30 gr. and 2 kg pieces of any type of dough without causing any tear.
The standard equipment is made up of: in-feed belt, standards compliant safety guard, a device for the return of the formats, two small benches, a device for the blocking of the upper table-holding sheet and wheels.
OPTIONAL: Conveyor belt with long-loaf moulder at return.