Manufacturer: Real Forni
Type: Rotary Oven
Price on request


New RotoReal SP, oven with rotating trolley completely built in stainless steel Aisi 304 and designed with innovative technologic solutions. The exclusive concept of the heat exchanger with a new air circulation system guarantee an high saving of money and the optimal baking of each bakery or pastry product.

– Electromechanical control panel.
– Computer control panel with LCD graphic display for the automatic baking of 100 recipes in 5 phases and in each one it’s possible to set the time, the temperature, one steam immission, one exhaust valve opening and the fan speed. It’s also possible to set the automatic start of the oven with weekly program.
– Rotating platform for below hooking.
– Automatic lifting trolley device.
– Temperature and baking time indicators on the hood.
– Double steamers for often steam use.

Front oven of modern design with wide hood and door with double crystal and possibility to open the external one. Lock door system in two points with big vertical handle. Provided with an electronic control panel of simple use with double electromechanical control in case of breackdown. Optional: Computer control panel with LCD display for the automatic baking of 100 recipes.